Looking for Healers and Ranged/Caster DPS!

Raiding: Thursday/Saturday, invites at 7:30 EST!
Currently looking for exceptional players to join our core raid team!

Come learn, level and loot! Not sure on how to spec? Help with that rotation? We are happy to help you improve and feel confident in what you do.

We’re an adult guild with progression minded fun! Come remember when raiding was fun and exciting without it being a job. Come cheer on your guild mates when they get that great upgrade piece. Or laugh when your friend gets pwnd by that trash mob!


Using Modified Spend-all DKP.

Why this system?

  • Very transparent, and simple to maintain
  • Loot distribution takes place very quickly
  • Veteran players cannot build a large DKP lead, inflation is a non-issue
  • Encourages people to pass on minor upgrades so others who need more can have a priority

Experienced leadership from Retail WoW and other MMOs.

Come join us for what you wanted Classic to be!

Contact in game if you have any questions!

  • Wyfeaggro
  • Teck
  • Dreadsense
  • Khatun
  • Tanarai
  • Uriahworld