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Onward to the Burning Crusade Classic

Update 5/06: Prepatch is coming May 18th and TBC launch is June 1st.

We’re working towards two 25-man Raid Teams for The Burning Crusade. Currently short on Boomkins and Enhancement Shamans.

<Origins> has graduated from WoW Classic Raiding.

We’re on the #SpringBreak from raiding until Pre-patch and TBC expansion.

Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian

Tonight marked our 2nd Kel’Thuzad’ kill which unlocked our first Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian!

Uriahworld, Warlock and Guild Master, completed the staff tonight along side some long-time Guildies.

Naxxramas Vanquished

The Archlich has been subdued on our #15th week of  Naxxramas. Origins awaits The Burning Crusade… we are prepared?


Week #14 Naxxramas

We got sloppy seconds, killing the dragon again, long after Arthas Menethil did all those years ago.


Week #11 Naxxramas

The death knights of dread citadel have been dispatched.

The Four Horsemen

Week #9 Naxxramas

Harvester has fallen, along side the fungal creep to clear another wing.

Week #8 Naxxramas

Cleared out the Construct Wing, feeling the good times from our recent Guild Merger.

Week #3 Naxxramas

We danced, and we looted.

Week #2 Naxxramas

Working through Naxx, more bosses down!

Instructor Razuvious

Week #1 Naxxramas

After a bumpy start, we’re happy to exterminate the Spider Wing and clean-up Noth as well!


Grand Widow Faerlina


Noth the Plaguebringer

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