August 11th, 2020

Hello Allumination Comrades,

Myself and most of leadership in <Allumination> will be migrating over to a newly formed guild called <Origins>.
None of us wanted to leave behind people but we can no longer operate under the Allumination name as it stands. We welcome everyone currently in guild to join us, as we will continue to operate as a Semi-HC Progression Raiding Guild.

In short: your top three leaders (Charisma, Teck, & myself) can no longer remain in sync with how things should operate. While Teck, myself and the majority officer base are in agreement, we’re getting too much traction against some others. The most recent discussion over the SK to DKP conversion has highlighted this once again. There’s been enough discussions in Officer discord to write a book at this point.

The threat of gdisband was made and I take that very seriously… I cannot invest anymore while such a thing can happen. It’s an extremely illogical thing to even consider and a key sign of letting emotion get the better of you. Such action would obviously hurt this online community and I’m no longer waiting around to see if that happens.

Thus, proactively, <Origins> was formed last night (on my mage) – as we didn’t know what state things would be in this morning when we woke up. We [officers] were told we could leave, last night, so that was taken into consideration and we’re acting upon it.

Think of this as a transplant, all standings will be honored (DKP, attendance, ranks, etc) if you chose to follow us. If not, then best of luck and happy hunting in raid.

Uriahworld, Teck, Timmir, Dreadsense, Tanarai, Khatun, Hjorim, Genero, Jonathan, Phrozone and others