October 20, 2019, 05:37:43 PM

Recruitment Status

DeathKnight Closed
Druid Closed
Hunter Closed
Mage Closed
Monk Closed
Paladin Closed
Priest Closed
Rogue Closed
Shaman Closed
Warlock Closed
Warrior Closed

13 Guests, 0 Users
(Relevant at time)

Patch 3.3
Icecrown Citadel
Heroic Boss Kills

Patch 3.2
Trial of the Grand Crusader
Heroic Boss Kills

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Origins | Alliance Garona Guild on World of Warcraft Origins is a 10-man progression raiding guild on Garona US Realm in World of Warcraft. We seek to complete end-game content and other non-meta based raid progression.