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Guild Charter

If you’re looking for the Guild Raid Schedule or Rank Structure then please visit the About section.

Our primary focus is on high-end progression based end-game raiding at the 10-player level. If you’ve signed up for a raid and are online then you’re expected to raid with the guild. Our goals include all 10-player heroic modes and many hard modes.
In Origins, we expect you to conduct yourself in a mature and polite manner for all players. You can have fun without spamming something your selling in Dalaran non-stop or saying things in global chat channels that you would not even say in guild normally.

- We require raiders to be of at least 18 years old or of a mature mind-set.
- Applicants can roll on gear but will not win loot over a raider until they reach Raider status, unless for main spec.
- All applicants are responsible for having their main character ready and at the raid zone-in prior actual raid start time.
- Family (spouses) can join the guild under the Members rank without applying.
- The normal applicant peroid will run for one week (4 raids) which Apps are required to attend.

Leaders (Officers)
- The Guild Leader’s responsibilities include running raids, managing the bank and helping out in other guild matters.
- Leaders are expected to be knowledgeable on all the strats and fights we currently run as a guild.
- Are expected to have a very high raid percentage and much non-raid gameplay.

- Chat is not censored but we believe that our members could display restraint and be mindful of others as well.
- Be warned you will hear swearing during raids but we aim to keep it at a minimum.
- Please refrain from religious/political conversations in guild, try to do so in tells or a separate vent channel.

- If you are not performing up to standards for raids, including hard-modes then you need to seek improvement.
- When you are given constructive criticism then you’re expected to weigh it accordingly.
- No one can force you to follow certain advice on your class but we need people to be on top of there game so we can succeed.
- If you need to be repeatedly told on how to clearly improve your character then this means you’re not a doing your part for our guild, to be successful in raids.

Raid Loot
- Loot will be distributed through the Master Looter via the in-game rolling system.
- Main spec rolls are taken first followed by off spec rolls.
- All tradeskill items will be sent to the guild bank for guild use, while non-used BoEs will be sold for the guild bank.
- Recipe/formula drops will be given to Raiders before Applicants.
- Raiders have priority over Backup Raiders.
- Legendary items will discussed on the forums prior to raid so details can be worked out in a timely manor that does not stop the raid.

TeamSpeak (VoIP)
- This is our primary means of communication for raids, guild functions, and meetings.
- As with other TS servers, please be somewhat discrete with giving out the host/connect info.
- During raids please try to keep all idle chatter to a minimum, know when we need silence for certain raid events.
- TeamSpeak is mandatory for raids, however, actually having a mic (responding in TeamSpeak) is not — but preferred. (Please talk to an officer about this if talking is an issue).

Link: About the Guild
Link: How to Apply (COMING SOON)
Origins | Alliance Garona Guild on World of Warcraft Origins is a 10-man progression raiding guild on Garona US Realm in World of Warcraft. We seek to complete end-game content and other non-meta based raid progression.