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Level 25

as of September 1st
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Recruitment Status

DeathKnight Closed
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About the Guild

Origins is a hard-core 10-man progression raiding guild on Garona US.  Our primary focus and what we seek to complete is end-game content such as the Raiding Meta achievements (Glory of the Pandaria Raider) and other non-meta based raid progression.

Current Raid Schedule
The times listed are based off the ‘server time’ (CST).
  • Tuesday:--------8:30pm - 11:30pm Server (CST)
  • Wednesday:---8:30pm - 11:30pm Server (CST)
  • Thursday:------8:30pm - 11:30pm Server (CST)
Rank Structure
– Guild Leader
– Other Guild Leaders
– Currently Raids
– Casual Raider or just member
– New to guild, currently applying for membership to raid
Officer Alt
– Alt Chars of Leaders (for bank permissions, so on)
Raider Alt
– Raider Member’s Alts
Member Alt
– Guild Member Alts
Friends or Family
– Friends or Family of Raiders/Members or Inactive Players

Contact the Guild via any Officer, for whatever reason.
Origins | Alliance Garona Guild on World of Warcraft Origins is a 10-man progression raiding guild on Garona US Realm in World of Warcraft. We seek to complete end-game content and other non-meta based raid progression.